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At Home or School, Easily Keep Kid Areas Clean

Kids fill a room with smiles and giggles along with unexpected messes, and that's when the Aqua Pro Vac comes into play.

professional carpet & upholstery cleaner for kids daycares and playrooms

This professional grade vacuum cleaner comes equipped with all the tools needed to clean upholstery, carpets and even vehicles, so no matter where your child makes a mess, this vacuum is sure to clean it. No fruit punch stain or paint spill is too much for the Aqua Pro Vac to take on, and dirty foot prints won't last long with this handy vacuum in the house.

Moms and dads, grandparents, Day Care and Preschool Teachers and anyone else who spends time with children won't be as concerned about the potential messes that might happen when they know they can rely on this light weight, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner to keep things clean.

The Aqua Pro Vac is so powerful and well-built that it can be used room after room, day after day, so it's not just great for at home use, it's also designed for professional use as well. This superior vacuum cleaner has enough power to keep an entire Day Care, Preschool, Church Day Care or any other facility spotless, for a healthier and cleaner looking environment. Rely on the Aqua Pro Vac when you want your surroundings to be spotless.