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Pet Clean-up Made Easy for the Home, Vet or Kennel

Animals can be such a joy, but they're also good at making messes and that's where the Aqua Pro Vac can help.

professional carpet & upholstery cleaner for pets

This commercial grade vacuum cleaner makes it easy for you to spot clean animal dirt tracks or the occasional potty accident on the carpet. Simply pull the trigger on the handle to spray detergent onto the stain and then the powerful vacuum action will quickly suck the dirt or urine right out of the carpet.

You can also use this light weight vacuum's upholstery tool to suck up all the animal fur on couches or chairs or vacuum the entire room to rid your home of any pesky fleas or ticks that the dog or cat dragged in.

The Aqua Pro Vac is also robust enough for commercial use in a Veterinary Office, Doggy Day Care, Kennel or Pet Store. Use the wand if you need to clean off grooming stations or clean out kennels at the end of the day. It can be used as a dry vac when you simply want to eliminate those fur balls from the floor or carpet. When you have more stubborn stains use the wet vac component to keep your workspace clean and fresh. This is an all-in-one vacuum that is perfect for at home or office use, wherever animals lurk.