One-Year Limited Warranty

Aqua Pro Vac warrants to the original consumer or purchaser that this Aqua Pro Vac product, excluding all accessories and attachments, is to be free from defects in material and workmanship for (1) year from the date of purchase when used and maintained by the User’s Guide. One (1) year of parts and labor on accessories and housing.
This does not include the replacement of items due to wear including but not limited to the Floor Wand, Hand or Upholstery Wand, Hose, Replacement Water Pump, Water Tanks, or Replacement Trigger.

For this warranty to apply the original purchaser must email service@aquaprovac.com the date and place of purchase (included in the original packaging or available online at aquaprovac.com) along with a copy of the original purchase receipt to Aqua Pro Vac. Should any defect covered by the terms of this 1-year limited warranty be discovered, the Aqua Pro Vac team will repair or replace any defective part provided the unit is returned by the original purchaser on file.

The liability under this warranty is limited solely to the cost of the replacement parts or the complete unit at the discretion of Aqua Pro Vac. This warranty is void if damage results from accident, misuse, improper operation, unauthorized repair or alteration, tampering, commercial or other than home use, or damages accruing in transit. Any replacement will be made at no charge to the buyer for parts or labor, provided that the buyer shall be responsible for all shipping and transportation costs associated with returning the Product to Aqua Pro Vac for inspection and covered replacement.

To maintain warranty coverage for the Aqua Pro Steamer, proper descaling, and maintenance must be maintained following usage guidelines outlined in the manual. The machine must be descaled regularly (at least monthly, more frequently in hard water areas) using the included citric packet or white vinegar diluted with water. Not doing so will invalidate the warranty on parts replacement and service due to the machine's hard water build-up. Only purified water should be used in the steamer. (distilled, deionized, RO purified).

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and excludes all other legal and/or conventional warranties. The responsibility of Aqua Pro Vac, if any, is limited to the specific obligations expressly assumed by it under the terms of the 1-year limited warranty. In no event is Aqua Pro Vac liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever.
The customer is responsible for all shipping fees to and from our facility. Carefully pack returning items for repair to avoid damage in transit. Be sure to include in the box all your contact information including name, phone number, email address, and shipping address along with a prepaid return ship tag from UPS or FedEx. Contact us at (650) 292 4445 or email support@aquaprovac.com to arrange to return items for repair or service. Aqua Pro Vac is not responsible for any shipping cost to or from our facility.

Shipping Damage or Missing Parts

In the unlikely event that your item arrives damaged or is missing parts please email us the details at service@aquaprovac.com. Contact our customer service department within 7 business days of the delivery date to report any damage. Unfortunately, packages can be damaged during the shipping process after leaving the warehouse. If your order arrives at your door damaged, broken, or defective, we will either replace the broken parts if possible or ship out a new one at our discretion and completely at our expense. Please be sure to inspect your item(s) for concealed damage even if you do not plan on using it immediately and always keep all packaging until you are satisfied with your item. Please do not refuse any shipments as this limits our options in getting you a perfect item. Requests for replacement parts will be processed as quickly as possible but expect them to take 1 to 3 weeks to be received. Please email service@aquaprovac.com with your needs.

Stolen Package
We understand the frustration of having a package marked as delivered but missing. While we can't prevent all instances of theft, Aqua Pro Vac has policies in place to help you if you believe your package has been stolen following delivery.

What happens if my package is marked delivered but missing?
File a police report: Filing a report with your local police department can strengthen your claim and aid in their investigation.
Report it immediately: Contact us within 24 hours of the marked delivery date via our helpdesk or live chat. The sooner we know, the quicker we can assist.
Provide information: We'll need your order number, delivery confirmation, copy of the police report and any information about the delivery location (e.g., secure drop box, neighbor acceptance).
What are my options if the package is confirmed stolen?
Replacement or refund: Depending on the value and availability of the item, we'll offer a replacement (subject to stock) or a full refund.
Delivery confirmation: For future orders, consider requesting to have a signature required for delivery. This requires someone to physically sign for the package upon delivery.

What doesn't qualify for this policy?
Packages delivered to incorrect addresses: Please make sure your address is entered correctly before placing your order. We are not responsible for packages delivered to the wrong address due to customer error.
Packages lost in transit: If your package is lost by the shipping company, we will file a claim and work with them to locate it. We will replace the item or refund for the full amount of the lost order.
Packages delivered but reported as lost: False claims of lost or stolen packages are taken seriously and may result in additional action.

Additional Tips to avoid package theft:
Track your package: Check the tracking information link we provided with your order confirmation email.
Request specific delivery instructions: Choose a delivery location where someone will be present to receive the package, such as a neighbor or your work address.
Consider alternative delivery options: Have your package delivered to a shipping center for pick up or to secure delivery lockers if available in your area.

Remember: If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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