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Aqua Pro Vac & Steamer Bundle Promotion - 2 Free Accessories Bags
Aqua Pro Steam Cleaner for Mobile Detailing
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Aqua Pro Vac Auto Detailing Extractor
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Features of the Aqua Pro Steamer
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Aqua Pro Vac & Steamer Bundle Promotion - 2 Free Accessories Bags
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Aqua Pro Vac & Steamer Bundle Promotion - 2 Free Accessories Bags

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Product Description

Limited Time offer to buy the Aqua Pro Vac Extractor together with The Aqua Pro Steamer... buy this duo together and we'll give you 2 free accessories bags.

If you're looking for a powerful and effective way to clean carpets and upholstery, then you'll want to take advantage of this limited time offer - the Aqua Pro Vac & Steamer Bundle with 2 Free Accessories Bags. The bundle includes the Aqua Pro Vac Extractor and the Aqua Pro Steamer, which together make an unbeatable duo for deep cleaning your home and detailing your cars. The Aqua Pro Vac Extractor features a high-powered suction that can lift dirt, debris, and allergens from carpets and upholstery with ease.The Aqua Pro Steamer offers professional steam cleaning results in minutes with no need to use harsh chemicals. This steamer produces superheated dry steam that is gentle on fabrics but tough on dirt and grime. It also comes with several attachments to help tackle any job around the house - from home furniture and carpets to car seats and more! And that's not all - when you purchase the bundle we'll throw in two free accessories bags so you can easily transport your cleaner whenever needed. Give your carpets and upholstery the deep clean they deserve with this amazing offer – get the Aqua Pro Vac & Steamer Bundle today!

Bundle Includes:

1 x Aqua Pro Vac

1 x Aqua Pro Steamer

2 x Accessory Bags

Aqua Pro Vac Features

  • Powerfully sprays water under pressure at 58 psi deep into the pile or fabric.
  • Includes external clear sight spray detail tool and stainless steel floor tool and clear sight floor tool.
  • Portable, quiet, and lightweight and on casters for easy mobility.
  • Removable 2 Gal waste tank that makes it easy to empty the dirty water.
  • Includes both floor wand and hand/upholstery tool, plus 2 piece extension pole.
  • Powerful vacuum motor cleans stains in one pass.
  • Clean water tank (removable for easy filling)

Aqua Pro Steamer Features:

  • Elasticated reusable cloth cleaning pads
  • Suitable for carpet spot cleaning and auto detailing
  • Large Eazyroll Wheels and casters
  • Lighted on/off switch
  • Steam ready indicator light

 NOTE It is recommended only to use distilled or purified water to prevent calcium build-up. Monthly maintenance/cleaning required for longer life.

Aqua Pro Vac Specifications

Model: Aqua Pro Vac
Rated voltage: 120 volt
Clean Water tank capacity: 1.5 Gallons
Wastewater tank capacity: 2 Gallons
Rated current: 5.5 amps
Motor power: 1100 watt
Waterlift: 79"
Pump motor: 50 watt
Pump pressure: 4 bar / 58 psi
Flow rate: .5 Gallon per Min
Vacuum Hose length: 9 Feet
Power Cord Length: 17 Feet
Noise level: 78 dB(A)
Maximum airflow: 1.8m³ / minute
Dimensions: 21" x 15" x 17"
Weight empty: 31 lbs
Boxed Dimensions: 26" x 20" x 18"
Boxed Weight: 36 lbs 

Aqua Pro Steamer Specifications

Model: Aqua Pro Vac
Watts: 1400W
Steam PSI: up to 58 PSI
Water Tank Capacity: 50oz
Minutes of Continuous Steam: 30 minutes
Steam Hose Length: 6 1/2 feet flexible steam hose
Power Cord Length: 15 1/2 feet
Machine Weight: 8 lbs
Boxed weight: 23lbs
Warranty: 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Not recommended for leather seats.

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